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International Jazz Day in Pula, Croatia

This April Pula will become again the part of the international elite movement and joins the selected society of cities that celebrate the International Jazz Day! The second International Jazz Day is organized by the Association "Cultural Initiative", with the support of the City of Pula and the Pula Tourist Board.

Jazz musicians Oleg Kireyev (saxophone), Jelena Jovović (vocal), Dušan Krajnc (drums), Branko Sterpin (trumpet) and others will perform in the big hall of the House of Croatian Defenders on April 30th, starting at 20:00.

Today, jazz is a synonym of good musical taste, an art in which all boundaries are deleted! It's a sophisticated magic of talent, a novelty, an irreproachable improvisation and an unrivaled mastery, which never ceases to surprise. Jazz has erased all boundaries between countries and continents and has become an international treasure of the entire humanity!

In November 2011, the UNESCO World Conference signifying the Importance of Jazz Music in the World Culture Development, announced the date April 30th as the International Jazz Day. International Jazz Day is celebrated this year through 300 events in 80 countries, including Croatia.

Every manifestation, organized by the Association "Cultural Initiative", whether it is the International Jazz Day or the Pula Jazz Festival, differs from many other events in Istria by a thoughtful and sophisticated concept, originally selected repertoire, very professional participants and a relaxed atmosphere that helps exchange of fluids from the hall and from the scene.

Come with us to celebrate the International Jazz Day and to hear the most famous jazz songs in the wonderful performance of Jelena Jovovic, Oleg Kireyev and the best musicians from Pula and Zagreb. The entrance to the concert is free.


Oleg Kireyev is one of the few jazz musicians in the contemporary jazz, who is well understood in a large number of styles, genres and directions. He is as good as jazz mainstream, as well as in fusion and world music. We will not speak unfounded : about Oleg in the superlative are writing all authoritative jazz journals: "Downbeat", "Jazzwise," Jazz Inside "and many others.

Virtuosity of the instrument and sense of style are Oleg Kireyev's trademark. Thanks to him, listeners have the opportunity not only to hear music, but also the stories he speaks with the language of the notes. The magical sound of saxophone leads to the kingdom of traditional jazz, In Oleg Kireyev's concerts everybody can really feel how should sound a classical jazz with his passion, sincerity and endless happiness!


Jelena Jovovic is a unique vocalist who has an incomparable, wonderful, velvety voice. Teacher and jazz ambassador, Jelena graduated from University of Music Graz, Austria, one of the best music schools in Europe with "summa cum laude".

Jelena Jovović is a jazz musician, author, songwriter and pedagogue. She performed at prominent festivals and jazz scenes around the world, with numerous giants such as Bob Muver, Sheila Jordan, Klaus Raible's Orchestra, Alan Praskin, Dusko Gojkovic and many others.

Perfect voice control and outstanding musical culture allow her to approach different repertoires with the exceptional ability to personify the interpretation that has been produced by the giants of jazz from the past. She is amasing with the extraordinary sound that, glorified with excellent formulations and incredible rhythmic refinement and makes it possible to perform the most demanding pieces with indescribable ease and intensity.

“Jelena is a true born singer, with that rare quality of communicating with the audience the feeling of the song” -Mark Murphy, Jazz legend

“Jelena is a well-seasoned performer. She possesses all the main ingredients of what a true jazz singer is all about” -Sheila Jordan, Jazz legend
17 April 2019
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